Immigration Services

Immigration Consultants

Our experience and knowledgeable Team provides assistance to clients in the following areas: Visas, Work Permits, Student Permits, CSME, Extensions, Crew Change, Shore Passes, Deportees, Stowaways and all Other Immigration Matters. All expatriates seeking employment locally must obtain a Work Permit which is issued by the Ministry of National Security, Trinidad & Tobago. The Work Permit application process is completed at our office, where we have a high-level team of experienced staff. It should be noted that according to the Laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, chapter 18.01, section 10, subsection 1, non- nationals should not be employed without a valid Work Permit. It is advisable to submit applications for Work Permits at least eight (8) weeks, prior to the date on which the proposed employee is required to assume duties, as processing of an application is normally concluded within this period. We have a very strong relationship with the local Immigration Department which benefits we extend to our clients.

Crew Services

D.S. Belcon Limited is your one stop shop for crew services. We arrange all Immigration Guarantee Letters, OK TO BOARD and provide Immigration & airport assistance to all personnel and crew repatriating or joining vessels. We ensure that all personnel and crew are met at the Immigration Arrival Hall on arrival and checked out at the airline counter on departure. In addition, we provide transportation to and from the airport and launch services if the vessel is on anchorage. Officers attached to a vessel are allowed use of our telephone, fax and Internet facilities to communicate with their office or families if necessary. The Company can also arrange other activities on request by the Captain. The Company is capable of providing all stores and garbage disposal to the vessel on receipt of the order. For medical purposes, we have a highly qualified doctor on call and we work with a private medical institution that is available 24 hours a day to provide the necessary services.

Hotel Accomodation

The Company has corporate agreements with major hotels and guest houses in Trinidad & Tobago. All our preferred hotels and guest houses are located in close proximity to the ports and cities, making them very convenient for business or leisure, see Links. Corporate rates can be accessed by contacting

For local Immigration inofrmation, please visit the Trinidad & Tobago Immigration Division or contact our Service Department